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Increase your confidence

Deepen awareness

Reduce stress and negative thinking

Are you struggling with negative thoughts, low self-esteem, stagnation or difficulty coping?  Through our sessions, you will learn tools and strategies to develop a deep sense of inner awareness, increase confidence, replace negative thought patterns and live a more mindful and meaningful life. 

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With a background in clinical psychology, life coaching, yoga and meditation, I understand that a holistic approach is the most effective way to harness your unique energy and create lasting change. Encouraging you to honor where you are and discover how to get to where you want to be will be our main obective!


My treatment methods include a dynamic blend of talk therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to reduce anxiety, depression and low self-esteem, as well as exercises/homework designed to cultivate accountability, mindfulness, communication, confidence and personal growth.

Michelle Fraley, MA, WPCC,

Michelle's Qualifications:

  • Clinical Counselor (BA Psychology/MA Clinical Psychology)

  • Certified Whole Person Life Coach 

  • Certified 200 Hour Yoga Instructor

  • Certified Meditation Instructor

  • Certified Chakra Practitioner

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virtual sessions are available.