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5 Ways to maintain a strong emotional connection in your relationship.

Updated: May 29, 2020

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Keep the emotional connection alive with these 5 tips

1. Taking time to share your day:

Successful couples take time everyday to share their daily experiences with each other. Sharing can be talking about your day at work, chatting about new ideas, discussing current events or something as simple as sharing what you had for lunch! It’s not so much the content that you share that is important, but the fact that you are connecting with each other by actively giving and receiving information in an intentional and deliberate way. To create maximum benefit, this sharing time should be as distraction free as put those phones away!

2. Showing each other physical affection not directly related to sex:

Snuggling, cuddling and daily acts of physical affection (not necessarily related to sex) let your partner know that you enjoy and welcome their physical touch. Whether it is holding hands when out for a walk, putting a hand on your partner’s leg in the car, sitting close to them on the sofa while watching television or offering them a warm hug when they get home from work, gestures of physical affection make us feel loved and connected. Make it an intention to offer your partner gestures of physical affection daily!

3. Being social together:

Presenting yourself as a “couple” in social situations is a bonding experience. You and your partner are entering the social scene as a team and that creates a sense of unity. You will often see happy couples at their best in social situations where they are able to tag team off of each other.

4. Being sentimental:

Rituals, inside jokes and shared experiences make your relationship uniquely yours! Connecting through memories made together is an easy and fun way to strengthen your bond and reinforce your special and deep connection. Whether it is reminiscing about a family pet, watching your favorite movie together for the 50th time or planning your annual vacation, sentimental moments will keep you connected and will inspire you to continue to make new memories!

5. Enjoying the simple life together:

Life is busy and we often feel pulled in a lot of different directions... which is why sometimes we just need our interactions with our partner to be simple and easy. Successful couples create a safe space that allows for each other to stop over thinking, over doing and just BE.

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About the author:

Michelle Fraley, MA, WPCC is a relationship coach and professional matchmaker and founder and owner of Spark Matchmaking & Relationship Coaching, LLC. Her mission to help people connect and maintain healthy, satisfying relationships using mindfulness and intentional love. She lives in Arizona with her husband, daughter and 4 furry children.

Connect with me:

Instagram @sparkmatchmaking

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